Blokbricks Lego ®


Custom models made with original Lego ® parts. Colourful printed building instructions and list of parts. Box and parts/bricks are optional. Unique stickersets/decals.
Low shipping costs world-wide.

High quality Pneumatic Hoses for Lego Technic ® , Dacta ® and Mindstorms ®.
Shipping from € 0.87 for the Netherlands and € 1.45 for all other countries.

Prices are all inclusive (except payments with Paypal: + 5%). Payments from buyers outside the EU: 21% reduction (books 6%) on product prices (except for the Brick Express and 'Colleagues' models). Bank and Cash payments in Euro. Paypal payments in Euro or Dollar.


Technic/Pneumatic/Hose Engines & Carriages 2-Axle Wagons Large Train Wagons

High quality pneumatic hose

New: 6-axle NS1300 PF

Passenger Wagons

3 types of Coil Wagons

Newest Model


Unique Stickersets

Available again

New: Engine for Powered Up

New: Railway Cross RC

High quality decals

Gift Sets

Printed Bricks

Custom Design

Delft and Vermeer

Delfts Blue Tiles

Personalised 100+ sets


® Lego is a registered trademark of the Lego Company