Brick Express

Brick Express is a custom Lego® train supplier run by Henk Gibcus, an enthusiastic fan of Lego and trains in general. It is my intention to design and release high quality Lego train models. Brick Express has no own site but is accommodated at the site of Blokbricks.

Brick Express sets can be ordered directly at Brick Express (see below for email address) or bought at one of the club days of the Dutch Lego Society ‘De Bouwsteen’. Below you find an overview of the Brick Express train models.
Brick Express can be reached at

More about Brick Express

Tankwagon 'Zoutindustrie'

  • 420

Steam Engine NS 8107

Temporary only CD
  • 830

Guards & Luggage Van

  • 410

DR Class 99 PF

  • 820

NS VAM-Wagon

Temporary only CD
  • 110

Shunting-engine 9V/PF/PU

  • 201

NS 6100 Steam Locomotive PF

Only CD
  • 810

GWR 5101 Class Steam locomotive

Only CD
  • 800

Gravel Wagon

Only CD
  • 400

Hopper Wagon

Only CD
  • 100

NS 1600 Engine 9V

Only CD
  • 210

NS 1600 Engine RC

Only CD
  • 210

Coal Wagon

Only CD
  • 700

Coal Wagon Black

Only CD
  • 710

Freight Train 9V/PF

Only CD
  • Freight

Open Waggon

Only CD
  • 720

Pullman Oriënt Express Dining Car

Only CD
  • 500

Pullman Oriënt Express Lounge-Bar

Only CD
  • 510